I BELIEVE in projects that are good for the soul.

This blog represents one of those little projects up my sleeve.

You see, I have recently graduated from a local programme in the chosen study of Occupational Therapy and am now awaiting to continue further studies in September. Singapore has recently announced the Allied Health Act, under which the allied health professionals (OT, PT and ST) require licensing for practice. A 6-month supervised practice is required before a new graduate is granted a full license. Hence, my position. 4 months till school commences does not give me much opportunity to practice.

Undeniably, much valuable experience has been drawn upon during my past 3 years as an occupational therapy student. And as I await the next chapter of my life, I will undertake this journey of reflecting on those past years and also keep myself close with current OT practice – musings and stories of the future occupational therapist.

For you see, occupational therapy is not just a job. It’s about doing, being and becoming.

Welcome to my blog!

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About Nani Adilla Zailani

Essentially, living in the moment and loving all things beautiful.