YOU KNOW those street artists offering amazing artworks? Caricatures of yourself for $20.

Met one today at a Family Day carnival and it reminded me of two treasured artworks I have been lucky to receive over the years.

The first was by a 15-year-old boy I met while on internship with a vocational training school for youths with Intellectual Disability. It was of me dancing. I never actually had a chance to meet him nor thank him for he had gotten a friend to pass me the drawing. Full of colours, and swirly patterns… abstract much?

Dancing Me

The second was by a young 26-year-old gentleman with Asperger’s syndrome. I met him whilst on my fourth internship at a day rehabilitation centre for patients with psychosis. I remembered him proudly handing me the drawing, saying: “This is Nani. You are wearing a skirt.”

This is Nani

Nevermind that the drawing may be disproportionate. But it was sweet really, and especially so when he depicted me with a huge smile and ‘angel’ wings.

These artworks are priceless. And they are still hung up against my bedroom wall till this day.

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