July 10, 2012

Blank Canvas

MORE LIKE THREE blank canvases that I got hold of this time. In a random spur of the moment, I purchased three square canvases each 12×12″ from ArtFriend.


I don’t see myself quite the artistic person but at least the basic ability of holding a paintbrush and differentiating colours – I do have. So begins the task of deciding what goes onto the canvas… I chose a giraffe. Not very spontaneous painting ayy?

Also decided to go with acrylic.


The thing I like most about acrylic paint is its fast-drying quality. Having said that, once dried I could easily go over colours to correct the underlying shades. I then tried to create a 3D-like quality to my painting by using thicker paint over small spots (flowers).

Perfectionism was definitely working against me and I kept wanting to correct the blues (sky) for a better gradient, kept wanting to have ‘neat’ strokes. But it taught me patience and perseverance, I took bouts of two-hours each day… taking a week to complete this piece. 

Head In The Sky

Head In The Sky

Tadaa! The giraffe spread over three canvases. Bonus point was that Dad kindly allowed me to hang this upon our living room wall.

Not too bad for a first-timer.


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