IT HAS BEEN a terribly busy week with back-to-back events! Conducted a PYSSLA beads workshop for children on Thursday. This product is specifically found in IKEA stores and boy was it fun to create masterpieces out of this stuff! But of course, the occupational therapist in me was busy analyzing the activity in mind.

Activity is recommended for children above 3 years old, as small parts are used.

Items and Materials


STEP 1: Place the bead shape board on a flat surface. Create a design using the beads, by placing individual beads through the pegs. Ensure the beads are arranged next to each other so that it is easier to fuse later. Be creative!

STEP 2: Once done, place a piece of ironing paper over the design. Wax or tracing paper can also be used.

STEP 3: Set the iron at medium dry heat. Gently iron the paper over the design in small circular motions for approximately 10 seconds.

STEP 4: Lift the design up and flip over. Fold the ironing paper over to cover the opposite side.

STEP 5:  Continue gently ironing the opposite side in small circular motions.

STEP 6: Let the design cool. Once cooled, slowly remove the ironing paper.

Here is the finished product… Tadaa!

You can attach a keyring through a bead at the edge of the finished product to form a keychain. You can also paste a small magnet using glue to turn it into a fridge magnet. Great for souvenirs and gifts!

Therapeutic Potential

  • To encourage creativity with designs using beads
  • To facilitate the use of the following cognitive skills: Attention span, sequencing, learning, instruction comprehension
  • To facilitate the use of the following motor skills: Bilateral integration, praxis, fine coordination, visual motor integration
  • To facilitate the use of the following perceptual skills: Spatial relations, visual closure


To up the challenge:

  • More complicated designs with bigger surface area involving more beads

To simplify:

  • Simpler designs with pre-cut out shapes (Eg. heart)
  • Following a design template (Can be Googled or click here for examples)
  • Using tweezers to pick up beads and place it on the pegs
  • Colours sorted out into different containers

Have fun trying! Leave a comment or share photos if you do, would love to know how the activity worked out for you.

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