A WHOLE SEMESTER has passed by and my gosh… there’s so much I have learnt, so much to ponder upon, so much to share.

But that’s a story for another day (will try!).

2013 has seen a blessed start with opportunities to take the next flight out. And there’s something about being in a foreign land that is rather refreshing.

Took a flight over to the UK, for a lovely reunion with my ex-classmates. Have not seen them since August when they left for Coventry, each one of us with a different route post-diploma.

Streets of London

Streets of London

Squirrel in The Park

Squirrel in The Park

The Lovely Reunion

The Lovely Reunion

The weather was a huge slap in my face of course. From 33 degrees out here in Singapore, to a 3 degrees climate in London. Thought the weather out in Coventry was much colder through.

Nah, but I survived. That’s what thermal wear was for right?

Because upon reaching Dublin after a week in the UK, I realized how nasty the cold winds are! Been enjoying Dublin and life in Trinity College nonetheless… walking to school every morning for 9am classes, fighting the cold winds. The thought-provoking lectures and inspiring site visits (this will be another story for another day). Spending weekends basking in the vibrant city life. The challenge of having to do household chores independently. Connecting with flatmates at a whole new level.

We took a trip out of town one weekend, and headed West to Galway, Limerick and Clare counties of Ireland. Blessed with good weather, what a beauty!

Doors of Dublin

Doors of Dublin

Cliff of Moher

Cliffs of Moher

Clouds Aplenty

Clouds Aplenty

O'Brians Castle, Cliffs of Moher

O’Brians Castle, Cliffs of Moher

Galway Bay, County Clare

Galway Bay, County Clare

I would probably suffer a trigger finger soon, busy clickclickclicking capturing these breathtaking sights. But there is something rather refreshing about being in a foreign land that goes beyond the sights. All these talk about mindfulness has put me in a position to be more mindful of the multi-sensory experiences. The cold winds on my face, the feel of cobblestone paths, the smell of fresh air, the sounds of Irish music.

It’s a nice change from Singapore, really. In a way, far from the densely populated city with the immense heat. Time off to absorb all things different, puts me in a sort of reflective mode.

Never been more at peace.

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  1. Wow. Consider me completely jealous. Loved the blog and all the photos you shared. Stunning.

    Katie the traveling occupational therapy girl

  2. Thanks Katie! It’s always a joy to be travelling to new places (:


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