FINALLY finally finally! It has arrived!

The upcoming event is what we’ve been working towards since we first started the degree programme in September!

After 2 semesters of dwelling with great depth on occupational therapy theories, advanced practice and the whole immersion programme in Dublin – this is the product of the consolidation of our knowledge and innovation.

If I were to summarize it, the seminar would reflect new ways of thinking when approaching emerging areas of practice in Singapore. About applying concepts such as primary care, community-based rehab, occupational science, occupational justice to populations that occupational therapists have not traditionally worked with before.

Here is the program outline (or click this hyperlink SIT-TCD OT Student Seminar 2013 (Program Outline) for the pdf version):

  • An occupational therapy service supporting individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in tertiary education
  • Supporting mainstream education for youths with mental health illness
  • Transitional programme to independent living for homeless people
  • Occupational therapy community integration and recovery program for persons with mental illness
  • Moving beyond falls: A reconceptualization of falls prevention
  • Occupation-focussed approach in self-management programme for older adults living in the community
  • Supporting independence in the nursing home
  • Enabling occupational re-engagement and participation of elderly post discharge

My group and I will be presenting on the falls prevention program, and looking at how current services can be improved with an overt occupational therapy perspective.

Do drop me an email if there are enquiries! Appreciate all the support we can garner! 

Back to my presentation slides now! Till next time (:

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