I HAD NO clue where they obtained my address from, but I received a pack of 8 Hari Raya greeting cards through post a month ago.

In it was also an order form for purchasing more cards and a reply envelope. So the marketing technique was for recipients to send a crossed cheque with $18 as payment in return for the cards, or return the cards altogether. But of course, one could just hold on to the cards and not have to pay as well (that’s just mean).

I did a quick Google search but found no official websites (except the Australia one). Instead, I came to understand that the Mouth & Foot Painting Artists (MFPA) is an international organization with branches worldwide. The marketing technique is not entirely new… they also send out Christmas and Chinese New Year greeting cards. The organization is for-profit and run by a group of artist members who self-paint these greeting cards and artwork for sale. These artists have lost their limbs through illness or accidents, hence painting with their mouths and feet. What interest me was their motto: “Self Help – Not Charity”.

Out of goodwill, I replied with a cashier’s order and am more than happy to keep the cards. With the advent of social media and emails, it’s a rare gem to be able to find printed greeting cards anymore. It was probably back in the 90s that I used to mail out yearly Hari Raya greeting cards to friends and family… and receiving in return. The cards would then be proudly displayed on our kitchen wall. Cousins would be screaming “Hey! That’s the card I sent you!” whenever they come visiting.

No longer a trend I must say.

Looking forward to the coming Hari Raya 2014 for me to mail out these cards – the old school way!

MFPA's self-painted greeting cards

MFPA’s self-painted greeting cards

For more information on MFPA, contact them at:

Mouth & Foot Painting Artists PTE Ltd
37 Kallang Pudding Road #09-02A
Tong Lee Building, Block B
Singapore 349315

Tel:+65 6747-9732
Mail: mfpas@live.com

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