I THINK everyone should have a list like this.

To me, life’s pleasures come from the simplest things that surround me. It just takes a little bit more effort to be aware of these things, take time to indulge in them, and give thanks to having been soothed by them.

1. Waking up to find 1 hour left on the alarm clock
I love it when this happens. Excuse to crawl deeper into my blankets and snooze.

2. Random genuine compliments and/or smiles from strangers
Not the creepy sleazy men preying types.

3. Taking a hot shower after a long day at work
And spending 15 minutes just standing there doing nothing under the showers, letting the water wash away every ounce of bad energy and grime.

4. Petting the street cat
There’s a particular Siamese one near my place… if I’m lucky she’ll purr.

5.  When the CoffeeBean barista calls you by name, and remembers your usual order
It used to be Starbucks, but same concept. Bonus if the barista is one hot-looking guy.

6. Hearing a song from 1998 on the radio
Think Backstreet Boys’ I Want It That Way, or Westlife’s Seasons In The Sun.

7. Receiving a text from Mum to come home for dinner as she has whipped up my favourite dish 
Salmon spaghetti.

8. Landing a scrunched-up paper ball into the bin on trial #1
Hahaha, this usually makes me feel like I own the world.

9. Brunches
11 O’Clock on weekends, having brunch at a newfound cafe with my most favourite people in the world (that’s my boyfriend, girlfriends or Mum). Woke up too late for breakfast, not having to think of what to have for lunch.

10. Smell of freshly cut grass. Or rain.
Oh that lovely, lovely smell and my stimulated nostrils.

11. Wind in my face while pillion-riding a friend or my favourite Uncle
I first discovered this awesome feeling at 19, after a bad breakup. My dear Uncle took me for a spin on his bike at 1AM to cheer me up, and boy did it feel good.

12. Receiving flowers and/or handwritten notes on days that isn’t my birthday or Valentines
I will squeal in delight when this happens.

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