May 11, 2014

Wander Jar

Wander Jar

THE AMAZING thing about mason jars is that they always look pretty.

And it gives plenty of room for creativity, thinking up of all the kind of things you can do as a DIY gift.

The Wander Jar was inspired by my recent Eurotrip, having collected many travel memorabilia… photos, mini souvenirs and ticket stubs. I did not know where else to place them except for in a jar as a fantastic keepsake for my travel partner.


Filling up the Wander Jar

I threw in a mini Eiffel tower and statue of Mannekin Pis, as well as a Space Invader (spotted many of the artist’s works in Europe) made from PYSSLA Beads. The small ticket stubs from Metro and buses all over Spain made good contents too. Spice it up with a personal message, and a lovely snapshot.

The two other must-haves for a personalised jar: 1) Foam alphabet stickers, and 2) Washi tape. I LOVE THESE! It not only work for cards and gift-wrapping; but for all kinds of other knick-knacks like mason jars in this case. 


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