IT WAS A cold rainy Easter weekend when we arrived. It has been said that a visit to Germany’s most famous castle should not be missed when in Munich. So off we went!


City centre in Munich

We caught the morning train from Munich Central Station (Hauptbahnhof) to get to Füssen. From the train station in Füssen, a bus took us up through the town of Hohen-Schwangau and dropping off at the tourist counter. All throughout the crowded 2-hour train ride, I was amazed by the almost-white landscape in the countrysides. It wasn’t expected to snow in end-April, but it did anyhows that Easter weekend. And I was caught unprepared with the thinnest of my spring outerwear!


A cold Easter weekend

Will you build a snowman?

Will you build a snowman?

We were not smart enough to have pre-booked tickets for the castle tour. After a long 2-hour queue, we did manage to get tickets to see the interior of Hohenschwangau Castle. This castle was acquired and rebuilt by the Bavarian King Maximilian II, and later on became a summer home for his son the famous King Ludwig II. I was as excited a little girl dreaming of princesses and castles whilst strolling down the hallways and royal bedrooms. 

The surrounding area was just as spectacular… with Lake Alpsee and the mountains beyond. 


Hohenschwangau Castle

Of fogs and smiles

Of fogs and smiles

Lake Alpsee

Lake Alpsee

King Ludwig II commissioned the construction of the Scholss-Neuschwanstein Castle in 1869, having built in a Medieval style. Set in the high hills overlooking the lake and town, it is no wonder that the castle has a fairytale feel to it. This castle is also the one that Disney modelled its Sleeping Beauty castle upon… look at the cylindrical towers and decorative exterior!

To get to Neuschwanstein Castle is about a 30-minute hike up from Hohenschwangau Castle. We opted for a horse-drawn carriage on the way down, just to complete the whole fairytale feel. Hahaha. For the best spot to photograph the famed castle, head to Marienbrücke bridge. The rope bridge is quite wobbly in itself especially with the tourist crowds, but the breathtaking sights overcame any fear there was.

Atop the mountains

Atop the mountains with friends from around the world

The famed Neuschwanstein Castle

The famed Neuschwanstein Castle

Sad to say, King Ludwig II died before the castle’s construction was ever completed. But at the very least, Sleeping Beauty did have her happily ever after.

And I left Füssen feeling much like a Disney princess for that day.

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