July 20, 2014


GIVEN THE SIZE of HDB flats in Singapore, you can hardly squeeze a trampoline in. 

Yesterday, my friends and I tried out Singapore’s first Indoor Trampoline Park called AMPED situated in Katong. At $9/12/15 per hour (depending on peak periods), it was the most fun thing I had all week.


It is said that trampolining has many benefits, more so compared to running. Due to the nature of the bouncy trampoline pad absorbing shock, the activity provides lesser impact on the joints. And of course, it is all about the cardiovascular fitness. I was panting just after ten minutes of mad bouncing.

The facilitators at AMPED were really friendly, showcasing some of their trampolining skills with us. You see, the trampoline pads are also located on walls so you could practically do horizontal jump-offs and all sorts of neat tricks. And there was this lovely pool of foam squares for you to jump into.

I took eight trials launching into precisely that pool of foam squares, trying to master a forward flip.

That took a lot of motor-coordination and all of my core muscles! Ploughing my way up from the bottom of the pool was no easy feat either!


I woke up this morning with aches in my quadriceps and shoulders. No complaints though, the indication of an actual work-out from just one hour of bouncing off trampoline pads.

Am most definitely returning here for another bout of pure-adrenaline fun!

Check out AMPED Singapore to make a booking.
Photos courtesy of Jenny Ng


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