I HAVE THIS issue of imagining something to be perfect, but creating a monster out of it. My mum calls them “Project X”.

Like my supposed parfaits early this week.

No. Really. By definition, parfaits are a kind of frozen dessert made up of layers of gelatine, yoghurt, fruit, syrup and ice-cream. Its original form in French is made from sugar syrup, egg and cream (Wikipedia told me this, guys).

Hence I choose to call my version the Lazy Parfait, keeping in mind the idea of layered stacks of sugary goodness.


My ingredients for the Lazy Parfait:

  • Chocolate pudding
  • Cappuccino-flavoured square biscuits
  • Kinder chocolate sticks
  • Whipped cream
  • Fresh strawberries

And of course, nothing is complete without pretty mason jars. I was psyched to find these babies at Howards Storage World. They came in a pack of six for just under $20. Loved the checkered screwlids!

I also purchased a set of chevron wooden spoons from Beautiful Revelry on Etsy. They were gorgeous, mail delivery was fast and the owner Ann is such a sweetheart to have them beautifully wrapped.

DSC_2361_Fotor copy

I had three layers of square biscuits, filling each betweens with chocolate pudding and random chocolate bites. Topped it off with whipped cream and strawberries. 

After all the layering was done, I added a cute instruction piece and sticky taped that to the outside of the jar before attaching the spoon.

photo 2_Fotor

The only problem was that the pudding and cream did not hold up very well, having sunk quite abit. I would probably substitute them with a thicker pudding (apparently corn-starched) and heavy whipping cream next time. I have seen online recipes that also use granolas and honey… sounds delish!

In any case, it was a hit with my friends at the dinner party! (I bet mostly because of the pretty mason jar)


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