IF YOU HAVE seen my Mason Jar series, you would have guessed the craze I have for them.

So I made a list of where to get them for your own crafty needs! Feel free to let me know of other great places you have come across in Singapore, or through online shipment. This post is regularly updated, should I spot one.

1. Typo http://asia.cottonon.com/typoshop/
Each jar is 237ml in size with a plain lid (blue, gold or bright pink).
Price: S$4.95
MJ Typo

2. Howards Storage World http://www.hsw.com.sg
One of my favourite jars, this Le Parfait 385ml one features a vintage design. Perfect for storing jams!
Price: S$3.95

MJ Howards A

They also have a second range of mason jars with red-checkered lids, each 500ml.
Price: S$24.95 / 6pcs

MJ Howards 4

The Tala retro glass jars comes with a ceramic pop-up lid – you can choose between 750ml or 1100ml sizes.
Price: S$14.95 ++

MJ Howards 3

3. Daiso
For a retail store that prices everything at S$2, just walk over to their glassware section! However, not all outlets carry these jars (100ml or 430ml). The ones I have seen are at Plaza Singapura and ION Orchard.
Price: S$2.00

MJ Daiso
4. IKEA http://www.ikea.com/sg/en/
Head to the kitchen section. The RAJTAN spice jars are 150ml each and makes a cute gift when filled with mini chocolate pieces.
Price: S$3.90 / 4pcs

MJ Ikea 1

The other two series that IKEA has are the BURKEN jar (1100ml or 2200ml), and KORKEN jar with pop-up lid (1000ml).
Price: S$2.90 to S$5.90

MJ Ikea 2

5. Kitchen+Ware
Found this place by random while seeking shelter at The Star Vista mall during a rainstorm. These made-in-Italy Quattro Stagioni canning jars come in a variety of sizes (150ml or 250ml).
Price: S$10.95

MJ Kitchen Ware A

6. Spotlight http://www.spotlight.com.sg
No mason jars were sold here, but I found a neat glass canister for storing biscuits or flour.
Price: S$12.99 ++

MJ Spotlight 1

Otherwise, they sell solely the jar lids (why oh why?!).
Price: S$2.00 ++

MJ Spotlight 2

7. MUJI http://www.muji.com.sg
Plain glass jars with a pop-up lid. Comes in 500ml, 750ml or 1000ml.
Price: S$9.90 ++

MJ Muji

8. ToTT Store https://www.tottstore.com
I have yet to visit their main store, it’s just too far out for me. They do home deliveries though, free shipping for orders above S$200. That’s like purchasing 50 mason jars! Their Le Parfait preserve jar series come in a variety of sizes.
Price: Starts from S$4.21 (As quoted online)

MJ ToTT Online

9. HipVan https://www.hipvan.com
This online marketplace would have sales for mason jars from time to time. They do home deliveries with free shipping for orders above S$75. The Le Parfait preserve jar series come in a variety of sizes, and features the ones with pop-up lids as well.
Price: Starts from S$4.50 (As quoted online)

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 2_Fotor

The Perfect Mason jars in blue and green can be very hard to come by!
Price: S$40 / 6pcs (As quoted online)

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 4_Fotor

Enjoy shopping!

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