I FIND MYSELF having varicose veins as of late, and coming home with a terribly sore feet.

Working in the acute hospital, it is no surprise that I am on my feet for at least 8 hours each day. Then off I go having to stand in the crowded trains and bus for another 1.5 hours, throughout the long commute home.

Which is why I take proper footwear as an oh-so-very-important investment. 

1. Skechers Flex mary janes
★ Comfort
★★★★★ Style
Should I need to do a maximum assistance patient handling during therapy session, I can trust these babies to pivot me nicely during a bed-to-chair transfer! It is very lightweight, has a cushion insole and flexible outsole. The mesh fabric makes it breathable as well. The shoes did take some getting used to as I had blisters on my heel from the fabric – took about 2 weeks for the shoe to provide total comfort. Retail price = S$80++

2. Timberland Earthkeepers ballerina flats
★★★★★ Style
I own mostly Timberland boots, so it was a neat find to have a pair of pretty ballerina flats from their series. Extremely comfortable with its cushioned insole and fits like a glove on my first day parading in them. Looks decent enough to be wearing as a casual getup after-work too. Downside is that the shoe is made of nubuck material, hence takes extra effort to clean off any dirt and grime with the nubuck/suede cleanser. Retail price = S$176

3. Minnetonka Thunderbird II mocassins
★★★★★ Comfort
★★★★★ Style
Aren’t they the cutest?! I have a medical officer colleague who is also a big fan of Minnetonka and owns 3 pairs of her own. Believe me the shoe is super comfortable for walking, the rubber outsoles are fairly flexible and non-slip. The only complaint I have is that the fitting comes loose after sometime and my feet tends to slip off. The shoe is entirely handcrafted, and made in leather. What I truly love is the beadwork featured – making a stylish addition to my weekend getups too. Retail price = S$138 (Online)

4. Crocs slip-on flats
★★★★★ Comfort
★★★★★ Style
Throw away the conceived notion that Crocs are the ugliest inventions of all time. Try getting the ones with a more feminine outlook and dress them up with cute gibbits. My favourite pair is what accompanies me to shower assessments and caregiver trainings in the bathroom – the rubber quality makes excellent waterproofing. Be careful though, the rubber tends to wear off easily and becomes a fall hazard against some floorings. Retail price = S$70++

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