November 1, 2014

Spa in A Jar

WE SHARED THE same favourite colour (pink), had similar hair braids and frequented each other’s houses to play Barbie dolls. That was when we were 4. Fast forward two decades on…

My best friend had just gotten engaged today!

So I pieced together a simple congratulatory gift in a jar. All things a girl can pamper herself with.

Engagement (3)

I liked that the lotions and creams from Body Shop came in different packaging… tubes, bottles and mini rounded containers. I also chanced upon really cute mini soap bars from Cath Kidston – all beautifully wrapped in pinkish floral paper. Not forgetting some scented candles and potpourri leaves. 

Engagement (2)

The 1-litre jar was from IKEA. I had the top of the jar lined with some laced tape from Daiso, and finished it off with alphabet foam stickers on the outside. Tad tricky to pack everything in it and still considering the aesthetics of it all. A decent job overall, but I would have loved to have pink stickers to match the colour theme (ran out of them boohoo).

Engagement (4)

Time for my best friend to pamper herself after a tiring day, and for me to countdown to her wedding next year! xxx

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