Climbing? Climb on! Here are my favourite local haunts for climbing and bouldering:

1. Climb Asia @ Civil Service Club

Best for its bouldering walls, I love lounging about its space with my friends mapping out routes and just cheering each other on. Climb Asia also features an indoor 9m wall (18 lanes) + outdoor 15m wall (9 lanes). The indoor wall can get a tad crowded on weekends. 

The other thing that makes Climb Asia a favourite return… is its resident Grumpy the cat!

Climb 3
Climb 2

2. Climb Central @ Kallang Wave Mall

Think climbing in an air-conditioned space. Yay! No prior climbing experience is required here. What I really like is that there are >40 lanes each coded according to difficulty level. There is also a second level featuring courses with an auto-belay system (which I am not really a fan of!). Highest 16m wall for experienced climbers.

Climb 4
Climb 5

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