September 24, 2015

The Dollar Jar


NOW WHAT DO we do with all the loose change we have?

As a child, I used to enjoy saving coins in a pretty flower-shaped porcelain “piggy bank”. That added up to buying a new Enid Blyton book at the end of the month. But now with the advent of credit cards and iBanking, I hardly keep change in my physical wallet at all. Which is why it was such a thrill to start the habit again!


I started with a mason jar from Howards Storage World, the same ones I had used in my earlier parfait experiment. Did not have the right tools so I went simple with a kitchen knife and pestle to knock myself a neat little rectangle on its lid. Just make sure it’s the right length and width to get a coin through.


The edges were still a tad sharp after sandpapering. So I added duct tape to the edges and finishing touches with stickers and a plastic film.


Tadaa! A DIY piggy bank indeed, and saving up to $239 thus far (:


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