I HAD NEVER experienced so many well-kept surprises and fed with so many lies before, in a single day.

And that all happened last Sunday. I was told by Cherie that we were going to a cafe for brunch, and I needed to be in green. She picked me up in a car and I was then BLINDFOLDED… with green Theraband (oh yes, such a therapist friend). We walked for a really long time after alighting and I remembered tripping over grass somewhere along the way.

The sensory stimulation started to begin. I had my face painted. I heard the Survivor theme song playing. Then a familiar voice said “WELCOME” and I could tell it was Sham’s, plus the fact that she could not hold her laughter hahaha. Finally, I opened my eyes…


Awww it was such fun! Breakfast of pancakes and whatnots from mass tins! Izzati even had a legit ground sheet and military water bottles all ready. We played trivia games on how well I knew Danial (I scored 80% btw) and then more rounds of silly singing games. I was so amused, so heartened!

But it was far from over.

The girls had me on a supposed Skype chat with Sarah (our friend who has moved to the US). And just as I looked up, who should casually stroll in across the lawn?

Sarah! With her husband Erik, and cute baby Charliee in tow!!!! SURPRISE #2!

I have not seen this girl in two years, and she casually strolls into Botanic Gardens?! I had to give it to Sham and Hannah for such a secret well-kept!! Cue the truckloads of tears.

So much laughter, so much love going on that morning. So I asked why the green picnic? The girls knew I liked the outdoors and wasn’t into the typical-bachelorette-pink-feather-boa-staycation kind of party. Well, they aren’t the type of girls too! That’s why we are best friends!

I would die for my girls, and I couldn’t be happier knowing I have them as my wing-women in the lead up to my wedding day. May we be sixteen, youthful and together, always. All ways. 😘 

Photos courtesy of Cherie Choo and Shamsydar Ani. Well, because I was blindfolded.

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