Bucket List

img-thing (34)

Because everyone needs motivation like this.

1. Get certified in open water diving
2. Witness an eclipse 🌓
3. Learn pottery
4. Complete a 10km race under 1 hour
5. Complete a full 42.1km marathon… in my own time
6. Do a perfect wheelchair wheelie 
7. Learn to play a musical instrument 🎵
8. Do a painting on canvas  
9. Learn to make a good cup of Japanese chawanmushi
10. Buy Mum and Dad a trip to Turkey

11. See the Northern Lights
12. Get licensed to practice Occupational Therapy
13. Practice Occupational Therapy in a foreign land 

14. Experience Ramadhan and Eid in a foreign land
15. Learn a foreign language
16. Learn sign language
17. Start a blog
18. Go outdoor camping in Uluru
19. Go horse riding 🐎
20. Ride a hot-air balloon
21. Visit the American Museum of Natural History
22. Live abroad
23. Get a research published 🎓
24. Work with the International Committee of the Red Cross / Medecins Sans Frontier
25. Take on an open sea kayaking trip 🚣
26. Go mountain hiking / Climb an active volcano 
27. Throw a 25th birthday party (Because clinical placements took up time on my 21st) 🎉
28. Watch the New Year’s Eve ball drop in New York
29. Have the balls to jump off a plane at 12,500 feet and skydive
30. Go snow-skiing 🎿
31. Coachella
32. Take a breathtaking helicopter ride 🚁
33. Donate blood (Apparently my veins are too small)
34. Go on a Trans-Siberian railway trip
35. Get a driving license (Been procrastinating for 9 years now boohoo) 🚗 …
36. … And then drive a yellow Jeep

37. Be a mermaid




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