IT HAS BEEN a terribly busy week with back-to-back events! Conducted a PYSSLA beads workshop for children on Thursday. This product is specifically found in IKEA stores and boy was it fun to create masterpieces out of this stuff! But of course, the occupational therapist in me was busy analyzing the activity in mind. Activity […]

MORE LIKE THREE blank canvases that I got hold of this time. In a random spur of the moment, I purchased three square canvases each 12×12″ from ArtFriend. I don’t see myself quite the artistic person but at least the basic ability of holding a paintbrush and differentiating colours – I do have. So begins […]

IRIS MAKING is an easy paper-folding technique that can be used to make greeting cards, scrapbook pages or designs. My first experience was conducting this activity with a group of adults with psychosis + Intellectual Disability, during Creative Arts group. The second time was done with a group of teenagers with high-functioning Autism during a […]

YOU KNOW those street artists offering amazing artworks? Caricatures of yourself for $20. Met one today at a Family Day carnival and it reminded me of two treasured artworks I have been lucky to receive over the years. The first was by a 15-year-old boy I met while on internship with a vocational training school […]