I THINK everyone should have a list like this. To me, life’s pleasures come from the simplest things that surround me. It just takes a little bit more effort to be aware of these things, take time to indulge in them, and give thanks to having been soothed by them. 1. Waking up to find 1 […]

ONE OF THE great happenings this past November was that we have officially graduated from university in a ceremony held locally. And the class of 32 occupational therapy graduates were the pioneer batch of the TCD-SIT degree conversion programme. None of us flew back to Ireland, we had to graduate in absentia for this SIT […]

I CAME ACROSS this video on Facebook and I can’t help but to share. One word: Beautiful. It’s all about celebrating the little differences.

meaning, n.: The end, purpose, or significance of something. A QUICK google search “What is the meaning of life?” churned out some interesting results on Wikipedia, forums, quote-books and philosophical pages of sorts. For some, it entails religious connotations and the belief in God. Other arguments border on ideas of value systems, purpose and the […]

I WAS WATCHING the evening news the other day when this video was featured during a commercial break. Am loving the story of Thomas Yong, behind the new campaign by Centre for Enabled Living (CEL). Let’s talk ability.

THE POST-DIPLOMA journey differed for all of us who graduated last May. From Curtin to Glasgow-Caledonian to Queen Margaret and to Coventry University. I decided to stay on with the local Honours programme under Trinity College Dublin (TCD), in partnership with Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT). First programme in Singapore to offer a degree in […]

TEAR-PROVOKING and truly touching. This video tells the story of 2 young orphans – a visually-impaired boy and his friend who is hearing-impaired. Their strong kinship and unconditional love brings them on a journey in search of their mother who has long passed. A remembrance to always cherish the things I have in life as there are others […]

MORE LIKE THREE blank canvases that I got hold of this time. In a random spur of the moment, I purchased three square canvases each 12×12″ from ArtFriend. I don’t see myself quite the artistic person but at least the basic ability of holding a paintbrush and differentiating colours – I do have. So begins […]

YOU KNOW those street artists offering amazing artworks? Caricatures of yourself for $20. Met one today at a Family Day carnival and it reminded me of two treasured artworks I have been lucky to receive over the years. The first was by a 15-year-old boy I met while on internship with a vocational training school […]