throwback, n.: A sudden reminder of the past. I WAS CONDUCTING a reality orientation assessment with my elderly patient yesterday. When asked what the current year was, she was unable to tell me but added that she knew for sure the coming Chinese New Year would usher in the Year of the Horse according to […]

Absence of occupation
is not rest;
A mind
quite vacant
is a mind distressed.

-William Cowper-

For me,
symbolizes disability
in a way a cane does not.

-Annette Funicello-

I HAD THE opportunity to attend the signing of the memorandum of understanding (MOU) between 3 institutions – Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) last Monday. The signing ceremony was held to recognize the debut of Singapore’s first degree programme for Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy, offered under the […]

THE ABILITIES EXPO is in Singapore! The event is aimed for the community of persons with disabilities, and their caregivers. So assignments and exams aside, I managed to squeeze time to attend this morning events with a group of friends.  There was a workshop on Aging in Place by Teresa Plummer, an Occupational Therapy assistant […]

I WAS WATCHING the evening news the other day when this video was featured during a commercial break. Am loving the story of Thomas Yong, behind the new campaign by Centre for Enabled Living (CEL). Let’s talk ability.

THE POST-DIPLOMA journey differed for all of us who graduated last May. From Curtin to Glasgow-Caledonian to Queen Margaret and to Coventry University. I decided to stay on with the local Honours programme under Trinity College Dublin (TCD), in partnership with Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT). First programme in Singapore to offer a degree in […]

“ I’m an occupational therapist, an obscure profession if there ever was one. We are few and far between, maybe because we have chosen to serve people with disabilities. All disabilities. Not a glamorous endeavor, nor a lucrative one. And I say serve because we deem that in helping we see weakness, while in serving we […]

SO IT’S BEEN two weeks since school started! That aside… The National Occupational Therapy Conference has just taken place this weekend at Concorde Hotel Singapore. The theme for this event: “Transcending Boundaries Towards Seamless Care”, tied in with the workshops and presentations focussing on services beyond that of the acute care setting. Minister of  State […]

CHILDREN AT PLAY. Probably familiar with the sight of local children with their eyes glued to the latest Angry Birds app on iPads, street surfing with waveboards or running across the neighbourhood playgrounds. Definitely not a familiar sight when in the streets of Thailand on a weekday evening. We were in a district in Chiang […]