IT HAS BEEN a terribly busy week with back-to-back events! Conducted a PYSSLA beads workshop for children on Thursday. This product is specifically found in IKEA stores and boy was it fun to create masterpieces out of this stuff! But of course, the occupational therapist in me was busy analyzing the activity in mind. Activity […]

TEAR-PROVOKING and truly touching. This video tells the story of 2 young orphans – a visually-impaired boy and his friend who is hearing-impaired. Their strong kinship and unconditional love brings them on a journey in search of their mother who has long passed. A remembrance to always cherish the things I have in life as there are others […]

I discovered early
the hardest thing
to overcome
is not a
physical disability

but the 
mental condition
it induces.

-Alexander de Seversky-

THE Association of Resource and Education for Autistic Children (REACh) is a Lions community service project located in Penang, Malaysia. The centre was set up in 1987 to provide free services to autistic children/adolescents and their families. This was where I had my 7-week internship earlier on this year; conducting individual therapy sessions on weekdays […]

A FREE electronic textbook on child and adolescent mental health is now released. The e-book is regularly updated, reflecting best-practices and latest researches in clinical interventions. Its contents include hyperlinks for readers to access video clips of interviews, explanations by experts and more. Published by the International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied […]

SO I WAS at the bus interchange a few weeks back and came across a petite middle-aged lady selling tissue papers by the sidewalk. She was visually-impaired and cheerily called out to passers-by to buy her sales. I stopped by to give a small donation and just as I said “Have a nice day!”, she […]

MORE LIKE THREE blank canvases that I got hold of this time. In a random spur of the moment, I purchased three square canvases each 12×12″ from ArtFriend. I don’t see myself quite the artistic person but at least the basic ability of holding a paintbrush and differentiating colours – I do have. So begins […]

TOOK UP a photography job over the weekends! The sister of a friend had chosen to celebrate her 21st birthday with a group of underprivileged children. These children attend a Student Care Centre in the Western part of Singapore, outside of schooling hours while their parents are away at work. Over the weekends, volunteers frequent […]

Leave all the afternoon to
and recreation,
which are as necessary as reading.
I will rather say more necessary
because health
is worth more

than learning.

-Thomas Jefferson-

IRIS MAKING is an easy paper-folding technique that can be used to make greeting cards, scrapbook pages or designs. My first experience was conducting this activity with a group of adults with psychosis + Intellectual Disability, during Creative Arts group. The second time was done with a group of teenagers with high-functioning Autism during a […]