Disability is not a
brave struggle or 
‘courage in the
face of adversity’.
Disability is an art.
It’s an
ingenious way
to live.

-Neil Marcus-

ACCORDING TO the Comprehensive Labour Force Survey by the Ministry of Manpower,  Singapore has a total of 3,135,900 people in the labour force as of 2010. In the same year, the seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate remains relatively low at 2.2%. But what does it mean to be employed? Defined by the American Association of Occupational Therapists […]

YOU KNOW those street artists offering amazing artworks? Caricatures of yourself for $20. Met one today at a Family Day carnival and it reminded me of two treasured artworks I have been lucky to receive over the years. The first was by a 15-year-old boy I met while on internship with a vocational training school […]

23rd MAY 2012 was indeed a special day for my fellow classmates and I. We were conferred the Diploma in Occupational Therapy. This 3-year course has been a roller coaster ride… but one that I daresay presented me with some of the best times of my life. Back in 2009, I was a wide-eyed teenager […]

“Welcome To My World” is a concert organized by the Very Special Arts (VSA) in Singapore. The fourth edition of the concert this year brings about an unprecedented number of performances – with 15 items represented by 13 special needs schools, organizations and individual artistes all in a single night! This year’s concert also marks […]

WHAT IS DANCE? An activity that is socially engaging, physically challenging, creative, as well as culturally and mentally stimulating. The above extract is the definition of dance by Connor (2000), summing up its therapeutic potential. In Occupational Therapy, using dance as a leisure activity in rehabilitation is not equivalent to ‘Dance Therapy’. Professionally, there are […]

“OH, LIKE PHYSIOTHERAPIST?”. Just some of the usual comments I get when explaining to others what exactly an Occupational Therapist does. Needless to say, the Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists work alongside each other very closely in rehabilitation settings. A reason why PT/OT is a common referral indication by physicians in case notes, a joke some […]

JANUARY 2012: Final year internship in Malaysia. 7 occupational therapy students. During the 7-week long placement, we took a short break and travelled up to Chiang Mai, Thailand. Via our lecturer, we managed to liaise with the occupational therapy staff from Chiang Mai University. Earlier in the day, we were fortunate to have been able […]

I BELIEVE in projects that are good for the soul. This blog represents one of those little projects up my sleeve. You see, I have recently graduated from a local programme in the chosen study of Occupational Therapy and am now awaiting to continue further studies in September. Singapore has recently announced the Allied Health […]