IRISH LEGENDS has it that there was once a giant named Finn McCool who threw pieces of earth in the sea to make a causeway. This causeway was supposedly a route for him to meet his rival – a Scottish giant. Finn however decided to fool his rival instead of facing him in battle. So […]

I THINK everyone should have a list like this. To me, life’s pleasures come from the simplest things that surround me. It just takes a little bit more effort to be aware of these things, take time to indulge in them, and give thanks to¬†having been soothed by them. 1. Waking up to find 1 […]

I HAVE NEVER considered Hong Kong a bucket list destination before, but I did anyhow make a 6D5N trip last month alongside my younger sister, my girlfriend and her cousin. Getting my geography and sense of navigation right was a top priority. I started out vaguely knowing that the country is made up of New […]

ONE OF THE great happenings this past November was that we have officially graduated from university in a ceremony held locally. And the class of 32 occupational therapy graduates were the pioneer batch of the TCD-SIT degree conversion programme. None of us flew back to Ireland, we had to graduate in absentia for this SIT […]

I CAME ACROSS this video on Facebook and I can’t help but to share. One word: Beautiful. It’s all about celebrating the little differences.

I WAS NEVER much of a gamer; maybe the occasional LAN gaming dates with my old school buddies once in a few months. So we came across a reality room escape game that I thought was a pretty unique experience. Called TheEscapeArtist (T.E.A.), this place is tucked away on the eleventh floor of Bukit Timah […]

SO I SPENT my Sunday afternoon wandering about IKEA looking for fabrics when I came across a panel showcasing products to keep the home safe. PATRULL Anti-slip strip¬†$4.90/5m roll These anti-slip strips can be placed onto the tips of staircases, or kerbs in bathrooms. The top has a textured grainy surface and a sticky backing. […]