IT STARTED off as a fundraising event by our colleagues from social work. Pay any due amount for a canvas and some paint, and the excess goes to charity. They then displayed the canvases at an auction to raise more money for TTSH Charity Fund, which is a fund for our less-fortunate patients.  First round […]

I HAD NO clue where they obtained my address from, but I received a pack of 8 Hari Raya greeting cards through post a month ago. In it was also an order form for purchasing more cards and a reply envelope. So the marketing technique was for recipients to send a crossed cheque with $18 […]

MORE LIKE THREE blank canvases that I got hold of this time. In a random spur of the moment, I purchased three square canvases each 12×12″ from ArtFriend. I don’t see myself quite the artistic person but at least the basic ability of holding a paintbrush and differentiating colours – I do have. So begins […]