I felt my
lungs inflate
with the onrush of scenery
air, mountains, trees, people.
I thought, “This is
what it is to
be happy.”

-Sylvia Plath-

MY GIRLFRIENDS and I caught Oscar Wilde’s comedy play ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ over our artsy fartsy weekend.  And I know I have been reading too many texts by the likes of Elizabeth Townsend, Karen Hammell and Florence Clarke when my ears pricked at the very mention of the word occupation. Do you smoke? Well, yes, […]

Absence of occupation
is not rest;
A mind
quite vacant
is a mind distressed.

-William Cowper-

For me,
symbolizes disability
in a way a cane does not.

-Annette Funicello-

I discovered early
the hardest thing
to overcome
is not a
physical disability

but the 
mental condition
it induces.

-Alexander de Seversky-

Leave all the afternoon to
and recreation,
which are as necessary as reading.
I will rather say more necessary
because health
is worth more

than learning.

-Thomas Jefferson-

Disability is not a
brave struggle or 
‘courage in the
face of adversity’.
Disability is an art.
It’s an
ingenious way
to live.

-Neil Marcus-

“OH, LIKE PHYSIOTHERAPIST?”. Just some of the usual comments I get when explaining to others what exactly an Occupational Therapist does. Needless to say, the Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists work alongside each other very closely in rehabilitation settings. A reason why PT/OT is a common referral indication by physicians in case notes, a joke some […]