PARIS IS ALWAYS a good idea. Oh, Hepburn!

To me, Paris will always be an iconic city and the world’s most romantic cliche. The Eiffel tower is probably one of the most recognisable landmarks of all-time. My photo spread simply says Bienvenue à Paris!

La Tour Eiffel, 1889

La Tour Eiffel, since 1889

The Eiffel Tower sparkles at 8pm hourly

The Eiffel Tower sparkles hourly from 8PM

Looking up onto Eiffel

Looking up onto Eiffel

An estimated 700000 padlocks on Pont de l'Archevêché, causing the bridge to be maintained regularly

An estimated 700,000 padlocks on Pont de l’Archevêché, causing the bridge gates to be replaced regularly

Space Invader spotted!

Space Invader spotted!

Shop selling rat poison since 1872... the dead rats are 80-years-old

Shop selling rat poison since 1872… the dead rats are 80-years-old

Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge

Inside Galeries Lafayette

Inside Galeries Lafayette

My recommendations for a fantastic tour:
Bike About Tours
Inside the Vinci Car Parking at Rue de Lobau 4, 75004 Paris, France
Visited April 2014, €28/pax for a 3-hour bike tour 
Our tour guide Angelica was lovely and full of energy. Enjoyed every second of the tour, seeing more of Paris than you would have on foot. Angelica was more than helpful to suggest places to visit and point us to directions after the tour ended.  -My TripAdvisor review (NaniSG)

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  1. eh that rat shop is the one in Ratatouille!!! haha


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