A FRIEND WAS shopping at a mall when she came across a sports booth with a familiar looking person plastered on it.

I received her WhatsApp message saying, “Nani, is that you?”


Turns out it was me indeed! Accidental poster girl for the month 😂


In December last year, my friends and I took part in a 10km obstacle race Lion Dash. It was held at Tampines BMX Bike Park over the course of a weekend. We started at the flag-off point looking all clean and fresh-eyed.


As it had rained the night before, the grounds were naturally muddier than usual. The race took us up hills and down hills in the dirt track. Once in awhile we would come across an obstacle to overcome and that was the truly the fun part!

Carrying tires uphill, jumping barricades, plunging into ice bath, commando-crawling through mud, climbing rock walls… it was challenging but just as exciting to be part of it and helping fellow contestants out. Thank you Running Shots for the snapshots!


We all ended the race with a medal in hand and muddy outlook (the organisers were kind enough to include a finisher shirt in the race pack). 

For me at least, I also got to be poster girl for the month of June!

Check out Lion Dash for future similar events.
Photos courtesy of Running Shots and Teng Meiling

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