WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE about December?

Cold rainy days, Boxing Day sales, special Christmas coffee drinks, year-end bonuses… and a season of giftings! Featuring jars, of course.

Candy Cane Bath Scrub 🎅
This homemade recipe is enough to fill 10x 5oz jars. 

  • Pure dead sea salt, 750ml
  • Epsom salt, 750ml
  • Pure jojoba massage oil, 7 tbspoon
  • Peppermint essential oil, 15 drops
  • Red food colouring (Optional)

MJ_Scrubs 03
MJ_Scrubs 04
MJ_Scrubs 01

Mix them all in a bowl and make sure the ingredients are evenly stirred. I added some red food colouring to give the salts for what I thought would be a pinkish tint (it turned light orange instead) – layering the colours for a candy cane look on top of the fragrant peppermint essential oil. You can consider sealing the jar with some aluminium foil before placing the lid.

The massage oil and dead sea salt were purchased from this awesome website I stumbled upon http://www.massagesupplies.com.sg. Epsom salt can be easily purchased from any pharmacy like Watsons or Guardian. The 5oz spice jars are from IKEA.

Once the jars are filled, be sure to add some finishing touches!

MJ_Scrubs 02

For me, I had Christmas-themed stickers (bought them from IKEA for a steal!) for the jar. Paired a candy cane and an ice-cream stick, tying them on the outside with some pretty ribbons. Not to forget a gift tag 🎁

Voilà! A homemade Christmas gift for the office colleagues! 

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